For many years, the large Fortune 500 category of business has been coveted by the recyclers, waste haulers and waste consultants. These companies are offered national account pricing, call centers and access to industry experts that help them develop custom programs to meet their needs. The small to middle market companies are often overlooked by the industry and are left on their own. RPM was started to fill this void.

RPM works with your company to identify all materials in your current waste stream that can be reused or recycled via a waste audit. Working with your staff, we develop a comprehensive program to divert this material from the waste stream and capture it as part of our recycling program.  After all material is removed from the waste stream, we will identify the proper new service levels and identify the potential efficiencies that can be realized from equipment and service level changes. We will work with your current waste hauler to implement these service and waste disposal equipment changes and capture all potential savings. All of this is done at no net cost to you.

  • Comprehensive assessment of your waste disposal program.  Identify material that can be diverted, any potential equipment inefficiencies, and any deviations from your existing waste disposal contract.
  • Recommendations will be followed up with implementation. We manage the process from start to completion.
  • We become your expert “employee” and manage the waste and recycling programs on an ongoing basis. We constantly look for cost savings and alternative recycling/reuse options.
  • No net cost for this service. We do not make money until we save you money.