Recycling Services old

Almost every byproduct from a business can be recycled. When you hire RPM Environmental, we identify the best way for you to convert your waste into revenue. RPM provides recycling services for printers, distribution centers, manufacturing companies, box companies and even other recyclers. We specialize in finding homes for many hard to recycle items and material that is traditionally put in a landfill. We have developed a national network of recyclers that not only meet our stringent service and reporting requirements but also provide us with premium pricing that we pass on to our clients.

Every recycling customer of RPM receives the benefit of our waste reduction program. We will complete a thorough analysis of all material that is being put into the landfill and develop a plan to incorporate all recyclable material into your existing program or we will develop a new program. We provide all equipment needed for the successful operation of your recycling program and offer sales, leasing or rentals on all types of recycling equipment.

The staff at RPM becomes your expert “employee” for your recycling program. We secure the vendors, negotiate pricing, schedule pickups, provide all required reporting and make all payments. No need for you to manage multiple recycling vendors, do credit checks, and investigate prices – we do it all. We keep you up to date on market trends and potential price changes to help you decide on the best time to sell your product. Unlike many other scrap buyers, RPM is not an end user of your product, thus we have no motivation to buy at the lowest price. We find the best market at the best time for you.

  • No need to manage multiple recycling vendors.  Our comprehensive programs include all recyclable materials.
  • Equipment sales and leasing. Use your recycling rebates to fund equipment purchases.
  • Consolidated and custom reports showing all material collected and corresponding rebate amounts
  • Integrity – honest weights and grading. Fair prices. Fast payment.