Case Studies

Waste is an unavoidable byproduct of every business. Effective management of this waste stream consumes a significant amount of time and resources that can be better allocated to the core business of the company. RPM provides a comprehensive program that includes recycling and waste reduction services that help its clients meet their sustainability and waste diversion objectives without taking our eye off the bottom line.

Company 1 – Manufacturer of plastic packaging products



  • Reduce landfill volume and cost
  • Develop and implement comprehensive recycling program
  • Replace aging waste disposal and recycling equipment


  • Identified several commodities in the waste stream that could be recycled
  • Worked with local management to develop a plan to divert this material from the waste stream. Reduced trash volume by 43% and cost by 61%
  • Restructured existing recycling program to capture all diverted material on one trailer.
  • Used recycling rebates to purchase new balers and compactors for two facilities. Eliminated costly downtime and equipment rental expenses.

Company 2 – Manufacturer of corrugated boxes



  • Customer came to us for help recycling cutting dies.
  • Several other vendors have attempted to recycle cutting dies and failed.
  • The customer has aggressive sustainability initiatives and challenged RPM to find a solution.


  • Worked with local die manufacturer to develop a program where dies get shipped back to his facility and all reusable components are stripped from the dies.
  • Stripped dies are shipped to a processor that separates the wood from the steel and creates two recyclable products.
  • The scrap dies are 100% recycled and the customer reports a cost savings of over 24% compared to disposal.


Company 3 – Manufacturer of Industrial Products



  • Reduce landfill cost and volume
  • Develop efficient recycling program


  • Conducted a waste audit that identified several waste streams that could be converted to recycling. Developed program to capture and recycle this material.
  • Replaced compactor that was being used for cardboard with a baler. Eliminated rental expense and pull charges and now cardboard is a revenue stream.
  • Installed second baler for other recyclable materials. Overall waste volume reduced by 38% and costs reduced by 43%.